A telephone contract is confirmed through a communication to the Client who has contacted Mepra S.p.A. by phone to make a purchase, providing the operator with all required information to complete the order: name, order details and preferred payment method. 

In case of online orders on meprashop.com the Client will receive a confirmation email from Mepra S.p.A. within 3 days of the order being received informing them the order has been accepted and is being processed. Unless the Client is contacted by Mepra S.p.A. by phone or email within three days of the order being received, the online contract is presumed to be finalised.
Clients can choose among the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer in advance;
  • carta di credito;
  • Paypal.

In case of a bank transfer, the order will be prepared for delivery as soon as proof of payment is received together with the order number by fax on +39 030 8925075 or by email at info@mepra.it.